Name: Bruce T. Buerger, Jr.
Hometown: Waukesha, Wisconsin USA
Clubs: Beer Barons of Milwaukee
Fav Styles: Kölsch, Weizen/Weissbier, Dunkelweizen, Schwarzbier, Porters, etc.
Method: Partial Mash

A recent archaeological dig (me rifling through my old brewing folder in the filing cabinet) suggests that I've been brewing since the year 1998.  It seems like only yesterday that I made that first all extract (hopped too) pilsner.  Only a first time brewer could be so proud of such a caramelized brew. 

It's hard to believe that those first few sips when I was a toddler of my Dad's Pabst Blue Ribbon put me on my quest to find a better brew.  Along the way there were stops at Michelob, Stroh's Signature, Old Milwaukee, Busch Light Draft, Mickey's Big Mouth, Coors Gold (party ball!), Miller Genuine Draft, Becks, and Corona - to name a few.  Fortunately shortly after college I discovered micro breweries, brew pubs, and beer festivals. 

After a while of appreciating the creations of others I decided it was time to try creating some of my own.  This Brew Blog contains some of my more recent creations.  Inspiration comes from Zymurgy, Brew Your Own, the Beer Barons, beer judging, and various books.  As I create new ones and re-do some of my old ones I'll post them.  Some are all extract, some are partial mash, and some are all grain.  Most are 5 gallon batches but now that there's a mini brewery in the basement (my wife got a sewing room) and I was given a 19 gallon brew pot (in-laws supporting the hobby!), it's time to step up to 10 gallon batches.  Should you try one of my creations at a fantasy football draft, work event, Beer Baron meeting, beer fest, Brew-U event, or whatever, please post a comment to the blog and let others know what they might expect (I reserve the right to filter out the inappropriate ones though).

Prosit, Sláinte, Salute, Na Zdravi, Cheers!- Bruce

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