Founders Breakfast Stout Clone
General Information
Method: Partial Mash
Source: Inspired by Brew Your Own Magazine
Scale Recipe
Enter desired final yield (volume):
16.00 pounds LME - Light 66% of grist
16.00 pounds Total Extract Weight 66% of grist
Malts and Grains
3 oz Chocolate, Unsweetened Baking @ 5 minutes (Boil)  
5 oz Chocolate, Dark Bittersweet @ 5 minutes (Boil)  
4 oz Coffee, Sumatran @ 5 minutes (Boil)  
4 oz Coffee, Kona @ 0 minutes (Bottling)  
Wyeast American Ale - #1056 — Liquid — Two 125 ml + Starter

Steep crushed grain in 4 gallons of water at 155°F for 30 minutes. Remove grains from the wort and rinse with 1 gallon of hot water.  Add the liquid and dried malt extract and bring to boil.  Add the hops, Irish moss (1 tsp @ 15 min remaining), and yeast nutrient (1 tsp @ 15 min remaining) as per the schedule.  Add the Sumatran coffee and the chocolate varieties at the end of the boil.  Add the wort to 4 gallons of cold water in a sanitized fermenter and top off with cold water up to 10 gallons.  Pitch the yeast and aerate the wort heavily.  Allow the beer to cool to 68°F.  Hold at the temperature until fermentation is complete. Transfer to a carboy, avoiding any splashing. Add the Kona coffee and condition for one week, then bottle or keg.  Carbonate and age for two weeks.



Primary: 4 days @ 68° F
Secondary: 17 days @ 68° F

Recipe inspired from the Jan / Feb 2009 issue of BYO re-calculated for 10 gallons.

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